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Blind Spot

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ABOUT Blind Spot

Mack Starks attributes the underlying tension of Blind Spot to "our hero" who "is paranoid that the one he loves is lurking in that place of mystery. Because not all of her is seen, he doesnt really know what her intentions are." That feeling comes through well enough on Blind Spot, but its coated with sprinkles of rock sugar.

This 10-song set was crafted along with fellow Nashvillian Neilson Hubbard, who handles the guitars, keys, loops and backing vocals, as well as co-writing half of the tunes with Starks. There's also a track co-written with Dire Straits co-founder David Knopfler and a Neil Young tune ("Depression Blues") for good measure.

Starks sings with a Jeff Tweedy-like weariness / coarseness, and on the opening title track it seems a most notable comparison. The music shares a bit of Wilcos penchant for baroque infused roots pop while mostly sustaining a hushed and breezy hopefulness, ala Josh Rouse. But Starks has his own thing for sure and we urge you not to let this one get lost in your rear-view mirror. (self-released)

Miles of Music
Both the Tennessean and All The Rage call Blind Spot one of the best albums of 2005.
"Nashville's Mack Starks doesn't waste any time making his emotions known on this touching and attentive album."
Dallas Observer
"Starks’ songs have a smart pop sheen and melodic intricacies."
Santa Monica Mirror
"Blind Spot displays again Starks’ exceptional ability to write powerful songs, and his even rarer ability to pull them off without the slightest notion of pretentiousness."

"Starks brings a fuller sound to his second solo record, giving a musical depth to match lyrics packed with question marks and philosophical musings."
Nashville Scene

"Starks’ sophomore solo effort, a collection of Americana pop with a classic-rock influence... a track co-written with Dire Straits founder, David Knopfler, and an album closing Neil Young cover."
Paste Magazine, Oct / Nov 05
"Starks' images are vivid as poetry, his melodies are captivating, his voice is at once rough and pretty and his stories ring true"
The Tennessean

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